Marketing and Advertising Education For The Busy Small Business Owner

If Your Small Business Feels Like It Has You in a Straight Jacket, PowerCircle™
Will Deliver You More Customers In An Advertising Saturated World

Wouldn't You Like To Have More Time To Spend With Your Family, Traveling . . . . Or Whatever You Like Instead of Feeling Like Your Business Has You Tied Down?

You'll Discover A Monthly Event That Delivers Life Changing Education About the Top Marketing and Advertising Systems That Give You More Customers AND More Time Away From Business


Join us for the Small Business Marketing PowerCircle™ Event this month and hear from small business owners and sales professionals just like you. Our members are using Non-Traditional but highly effective Advertising and Marketing Strategies that bring higher profits and remove the straight jacket.

That means more time for YOU, your vacations, family and fun.
Are you dissatisfied with where your business is going and the speed to which it is getting there?

We have just what you need. A monthly group of active business owners sharing what works and what doesn’t that will get you more customers/clients AND more money from your existing clients.

When: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Member Connection Time: 10:30 – 11:00
Location: Holiday Inn & Suites, 5050 Jefferson at I25

This is a Marketing and Advertising Study Group.
It IS NOT a networking group.
Don’t come if you’re just looking for another
place to hand out business cards.

HOWEVER, It Is THE PLACE to Get the Latest Small Business Customer Attraction Strategies in New Mexico

We Really Do Have More Fun Come See What PowerCircle™ Is About

See What Some Of Our Amazing Past Members Have to Say

"Seeing PowerCircle™ in action, by our local heroes made an immediate impact on me and I finally felt I was in the right group.  As you know, under your guidance I had a successful trade show turn out, sold two properties from contacts made at the show and grew our warm prospect list for the real estate business by 148+ names."

Susan Jane Kirkpatrick
Susan Jane Kirkpatrick Northern New Mexico Real Estate

Attending the PowerCircle™ meetings has been a much looked-forward-to part of our business for our company senior management. We schedule our ‘Company Strategic Marketing Meetings’ immediately following the PowerCircle™ meetings intentionally so that we are sure to capture and implement some of the practical and actionable ideas that arise from the training.

Gary Oppedahl
Gary Oppedahl Footprints Homecare

Learn The Simple Steps That Helped Grow Businesses Like These

  • Business Growth Speed?

    Are you dissatisfied with where your business is going and the speed to which it is getting there?

  • Sluggish Economy?

    Are you concerned about growing your business during a sluggish economy like this one? (We aren’t going to see much change in the economy for several years.)

  • Daily Operations Overwhelming?

    Do you struggle with being so heavily involved in the daily operations of your business that you just don’t have time to think about advertising and marketing to get more customers?

Ron Patel, our host, even GUARANTEES our meeting. There’s no risk to you. And, we buy you lunch. Who says “there’s no free lunch.

As a New Mexico business owner, this may be the most important message you’ll ever read!

Many of you know Ron Patel, our host, as an Albuquerque Area business owner just like many of you (for over 10 years) Ron has started, grown, merged and acquired companies as well being an owner of a company that was acquired by a publicly traded company!

Ron Patel, Small Business Consultant & Published Author

Ron understands what you have to go through every day as a business owner or sales pro. He is a business owner just like you. He owns 3 businesses in the Albuquerque area and is constantly looking for new ways to promote his businesses, get more customers and get a leg up on the competition.

"I really enjoyed meeting you and the PowerCircle™ group today! I have to say, out of all of the business functions that I have attended in Albuquerque, this was the most engaging and informative. I also observed that the quality of business people that attended were far and above other venues."

- Kelly Chisholm, Albuquerque Family Counseling